Finding vaccine gaps

January 23, 2018

Why is it so?... MLA wants to know why the OJD vaccine works for some sheep and not others in the same flock.

Sheep producers are being encouraged to participate in a new survey to help researchers investigate why the effectiveness of the Gudair vaccine for ovine Johne’s disease appears to vary on different properties.

Gudair is Australia’s only vaccine for the control of the fatal, wasting disease.

Meat & Livestock Australia animal health, welfare and biosecurity project manager Johann Schröder said the survey was intended to investigate variable responses in flocks to the vaccine on some properties.

‘‘One of the discoveries from MLA’s Johne’s disease research program was that despite regular Gudair vaccination over many years, there are still sheep on some properties that get infected and ill from OJD,’’ Dr Schröder said.

‘‘Research conducted in the past 15 years has shown that vaccination with Gudair substantially reduces clinical disease, mortalities, and the shedding of bacteria in the faeces, but sheep in some flocks continue to shed and succumb to Johne’s disease.’’

MLA is distributing the research survey to its sheep producer members by email but encourages all other sheep producers to participate.

â– Producers can also participate in the research survey by visiting:

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