Mixed views on demolition

January 31, 2018

Going going... The Cobram silos are still slated for demolition.

The future of Cobram’s Market St silos seems set in stone, despite some residents calling for the silos to be painted.

The privately owned silos have a current demolition permit attached following an April 2017 council meeting.

The decision to demolish the silos sparked much conversation within the town, with many calling for the silos to remain.

Moira Shire chief executive officer Mark Henderson said there were other opportunities for silo art.

‘‘There are other, perhaps better situated, silos within Moira Shire which could be used for this increasingly popular art style,’’ Mr Henderson said.

‘‘The silos in Tungamah are an excellent example, with plans for a large-scale artwork to commence in coming months.’’

Although admitting she was in two minds about the Cobram silos, resident Catherine Wright believed art would become an asset to the community.

Having seen the silo art in Rupanyup, in the state’s west, she said she thought they were beautiful and believed painting the Cobram silos could attract more tourists to the town.

‘‘They are privately owned, and some would say just a haven for vermin and should be pulled down and then the block be put to better use,’’ Ms Wright said.

‘‘(However) I would love to see some artwork on them and it could be a feature for the town.

‘‘Also tourists could come to appreciate the artwork, which is definitely popular in other country towns on the Silo Art Trail.

‘‘I am sure it would be a big debate for the town, many people would be very opposed to any modern art being such a big feature in the town.’’

Koonoomoo resident June Williams agreed that artwork on the silo would be an asset and said she would be sad to see the silos go.

‘‘I think it’s a crying shame and an absolute waste, it is an iconic item in the community,’’ Ms Williams said.

‘‘From the outset I’ve always considered that as being an obvious site (for artwork) and it would be viewed from all directions.

‘‘I imagine it would bring people into the town more as well.’’

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