Girl power gets the job done

February 07, 2018

Belle (centre), with her daughters Brighid (left) and Bramble (right).

Maggie, Brighid, Belle and Bramble enjoy riding in the back of the ute.

Wendy Beer and her four border collies.

How did they get their names?

(With Belle) I just thought of her name. Then I thought I would call all her litter with names starting with the same letter. I’m not doing that again as I get the names confused.

Brighid I named after St Brigid, the main saint in Ireland. She was the biggest of the litter and she is a standing-by-you like dog.

How are their working abilities?

Bramble and Brighid are the main working two. Bramble is probably the best. Bramble is a better paddock dog and Brighid likes to work close in. Maggie is still training. I’m not sure how good she’s going to be but she will be a good pet anyway.

Which commands do they respond to best?

Each one is different. Bramble has a good cast.

Do they have any habits — good or bad?

Maggie has taken to digging. She’s made herself a den. Maggie gets so excited on the back of the ute she jumps on to the cap and slides down the windscreen. She always looks surprised. Maggie also steals boots and shoes and decorates the driveway with them.

Bramble is too smart for her own good. She tries to read your mind, so you have to make sure she’s not already rounding them up.

Have they had any accidents?

Other than a couple of grass seed incidents, thankfully the dogs haven’t had any serious accidents.

How do they get on with other animals?

They do annoy the horses and alpacas. It’s all to get a reaction out of them. The horse is pretty good, it just ignores them.

Words and pictures:

Rodney Woods

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