Relief the natural way

By Deniliquin Pastoral Times

Melinda Roe (pictured) is a local complimentary medicine practitioner who utilises both naturopathy and remedial massage therapy at her practice Mel-roes Place.

With many years of clinical experience successfully treating chronic pain, Melinda has now combined that external bodywork with the inclusion of naturopathy in her treatment tool kit.

Melinda said naturopathy offers safe and effective alternatives to conventional medicine with a focus on not only treating the symptoms but discovering and treating the root causes of disease and dysfunction.

A naturopath will then work with the individual to develop an appropriate treatment plan that may incorporate dietary advice, lifestyle modifications, herbal medicines and targeted quality supplementation.

‘‘There is no force on the body,” Melinda said.

‘‘There’s no further trauma where there is already a traumatised system, that’s why I like it so much.’’

Melinda said in addition to a variety of problems that can be treated at her practice, she can also help you relieve stress through treatment.

She said stress is a major contributor to health problems including fatigue, obesity, anxiety, depression, aggression, IBS, metabolic disorders and endocrine imbalances.

‘‘We are primitive, sensitive beings and are simply not built to withstand the level of stress in today’s society,’’ she said.

‘‘Stress can come from things including environmental factors, gut health, poor eating habits, chronic illness, work life and insomnia.’’

Mel-roes Place can help you identify the sources of chronic stress and assist you in finding a more balanced wellbeing, and is operating from Fitnow! in End St, Deniliquin.

For more information, visit or call Melinda on 0429 619 915.