Studs open gates to public for Beef Week

February 13, 2018

Finding a balance . . . Tarcombe Herefords stud owner Tim Hayes said he looked for a balance of traits and a range of genetics from all over Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

Say cheese . . . One of the entrants for the heifer challenge on Michael Hill’s Ruffy property.

Down to the nitty-gritty . . . Connamara Angus stud owner Michael Hill said he targeted marbling when purchasing cattle.

Grazing . . . Tarcombe Herefords heifer challenge entrants.

For beef producers, the Ruffy and Tarcombe areas were the places to be on February 6 as 2018 Beef Week reached its conclusion.

Connamara Angus stud, on 1011.7ha at Ruffy, and Tarcombe Herefords, on 1618ha at Tarcombe, held open days as part of the nine-day event and Connamara Angus owner Michael Hill said Beef Week allowed his family to get its stud out there.

‘‘It’s a way of advertising our cattle,’’ he said.

‘‘We sell weaner bulls on the day.’’

Tarcombe Herefords owner Tim Hayes agreed.

‘‘It allows us to show off our whole herd, not just our sale bulls,’’ he said.

Mr Hill said he looked for a number of traits when purchasing cattle.

‘‘I look for moderate birth, as much growth as we can and we target marbling,’’ he said.

‘‘Our adviser Dick Whale said if we are not keeping up with marbling, Wagyu may take a portion of our market in Japan and China.’’

Mr Hayes, who is holding an on-farm sale on March 7, said he looked for a range of things when purchasing new cattle.

‘‘We look for a balance of traits and a range of genetics from the United States, New Zealand and Australia,’’ he said.

‘‘We bought a fair few from Wirruna Poll Herefords at Holbrook.’’

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