Be road safe over Easter

By Shepparton News

Each time there is a long weekend or holiday period, the region’s police ask The News to assist with promoting road safety messages.

There is good reason for this.

Increased volumes of traffic on the state’s roads magnify the chances of road trauma occurring.

And long weekends are overly represented in terms of the number of lives lost on the roads, relative to the entire year.

With more people on the roads, risk factors are heightened.

Police often refer to the fatal five when talking about these risk factors; they are speeding, drink and drug driving, failure to wear a seatbelt, driving while fatigued, and distraction and inattention.

As of Tuesday this week, 96 lives had already been lost on Victorian roads this year, compared with 58 at the same time last year.

Unfortunately, our region’s roads have not escaped the trauma, with six lives lost already on our roads in the year to date, already more than for the whole year in 2018.

With the Easter long weekend now almost upon us — and with Anzac Day next week — many families will use the opportunity to travel.

That means more cars, more people travelling on the roads and, unfortunately, more chance of something going wrong.

We encourage everyone using the roads during the holiday period to heed the messages of police and road safety advocates.

All road users can do is take care of what they can control; they can keep themselves, their family and friends safe by minimising distraction, not speeding or drink-driving, and by allowing more than enough time to get to their destination.

Long weekends are often characterised by quality time spent with family and friends and should not have to be remembered in the future for all the wrong reasons.