Firey competition set to light up Mooroopna

By Charmayne Allison

When they're not fighting fires, they're battling in the CFA-VFBV Firefighter State Championships.

And next month, Victoria's firefighters will descend on Mooroopna for a new tanker and hydrant event.

Participants who have entered in the Urban Senior Firefighter State Championships on March 28 and 29 will compete for the coveted Appliance Events Aggregate Shield.

Teams from across the state will take on three appliance events — the pumper event, pumper and ladder event and the newly-introduced tanker and hydrant event, which was trialled last year before it was officially included in this year’s championship program.

CFA deputy chief officer Peter O’Keefe said the event had some similarities with appliance events in the Rural Senior Championships.

“These events mirror members’ fire ground activities and are a good opportunity for brigades to showcase their skills using appliances,” Mr O’Keefe said.

“The introduction of this event means we can offer brigades the opportunity to compete in
modernised events rather than traditional hose and reel events.”

VFBV chief executive officer Adam Barnett said the new event aimed to
demonstrate the wide range of firefighting skills commonly used on the fire ground.

“The pumper event focuses on a variety of fire-ground practices that are often employed during a structural response such as a house fire scenario,” Mr Barnett said.

“The pumper and ladder event extends the scenario to include a response to multi-storey
structures such as a two-story house or factory.

“Finally, the tanker and hydrant event simulates responding a tanker to a fire event common in smaller townships, and in this case where access to a reticulated water supply is still available to the responding firefighters.

“We encourage everyone to support participating brigades by coming along to the Firefighter
State Championships next month.”