Local news in the digital age

By Shepparton News

Today we launch our new approach to delivering news, which we hope will make it easier and quicker to find out what is happening in our region.

For the past 20 years or so, the ways in which people find out what is happening in their community has changed from daily newspapers and scheduled television reports to the immediacy of social media.

Of course, the ways in which news spreads through communities has never changed — it has always been word of mouth.

Now, social media amplifies the word-of-mouth approach to spreading the news, and we believe the role of reliable journalism is needed more than ever.

How many people were injured in that car crash? What time and where was it exactly? 

Who was that fellow who raised money for cancer research by shaving his head and how much did he raise?

From the feel-good community news and inspirational stories that warm everyone's hearts to the serious reporting of politics, crime, road crashes, disasters and fires — we believe that  trustworthy and caring journalism still has a vital role in creating strong communities that are self-aware and empowered.

Of course, The Shepparton News has performed this vital role for 130 years and over that time we have built a loyal following of readers who have remained News readers for generations.

But as with all things, times change and old habits die hard — and the fact is, fewer people are buying and reading newspapers than did so 20 years ago.

Ask anyone under 25 how they consume their news — most will not say newspapers.

The News has had an online presence since the beginning of the digital age, but now we are delivering our product in ways we hope will be more accessible to everyone — from teenagers to grandparents.

We believe reliable regional news is important and can make our communities stronger, more confident and happier.

We hope everyone will join us on this exciting new journey into the future.